Story tents

We decided to develop tents as a simple way of exploring the idea of travel to different places and the different types of dwellings people live in around the world. As a traditional shelter the tent is a perfect environment for experiencing and learning about cultures, music, activities, games and stories from around the world. Each story tent was decorated on the themes of: Homes, Journeys, play and the environment. The excitement of being inside the tent, describing what it looks and feels like is an excellent stimulus for generating oracy development work.

We also had primary school children developing the tents for other schools to borough. Manorfield primary school helped to develop the tents. Their theme was on journeys.






Mini beast








These are other schools that have helped with the making and designing of the tents;

Harbinger, Hermitage, Malmesbury Infants, St.Pauls, Shapla Thomas Buxton, Woolmore and Wellington.

Here are some of the pictures that have been taken of schools making the tents.

The first picture on the left is a picture of how it was meant to be and the second picture is one of the Storytents built. Each Storytents package included a teacher’s pack, vocabulary cards, log book and a fiction and non fiction text.

The finished tents form part of the Tower Hamlets Schools Library Service loan collection. This would enable the tents to be borrowed by subscribing schools and mean that the art work done by the schools who decorated the tents would be seen by a wide audience of children in Tower Hamlets schools.


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