These young men (and women) are from India’s Marsh

At 26, Arun Krishnamurthy, an eco-warrior concerned about water, has 17 lakes against his name. His ‘army’ of 50 EFI (The Environmentalist Foundation of India) volunteers have so far cleaned 17 polluted lakes in India. Just as he wanted, his foundation has become ‘an agency that drives people’s participation.’ For example, in last August, he motivated over 100 school children to take part in a lake clean-up, collecting over 100 sacks of garbage in the end! In another instance, his group’s inspiration drove a community to pool in money to restore their local lake. So active are the girls within the EFI that they have set up a group called ‘The Environmentalist Foundation for Women’ to encourage women’s participation. Besides cleaning lakes, the group drives their cause in a variety of ways, such as awareness creation through street plays, and is setting up biodiversity parks in local schools.



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