Localise the global MDGs – Listen to the real experts on the ground

A UNDP Policy Adviser on Poverty, MDGs and Human Development has an interesting story to tell. Several years ago, at a conference on the Darfur conflict, after the experts presented their research findings and contradicting suggestions, a Darfur pastoralist stood up and asked what they, the locals, should do. Came the reply from another local wise man: ‘Stop listening to the experts and outsiders.’ Continuing his story, the UNDP advisor says that, when it comes to MDGs acceleration, for example, views of those directly affected are important. A number of countries have successfully progressed in their MDG journeys by unlocking the bottlenecks of their existing strategies rather than developing new ones by listening to external experts. The MDG journeys should be guided by the real experts on the ground, he concludes.



Original story http://www.developmentprogress.org/blog/2013/09/25/art-possible-listening-real-experts

MDGs (Millennium Development Goals) http://www.un.org/millenniumgoals/


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