Child refugees in Middle East dance their way to empowerment

In the refugee communities in the Middle East that the charity Bidna Capoeira works, psychosocial symptoms such as aggression, violence, hyperactivity and depression are common and children and youth need help most in order to leave behind their painful memories of conflict. To assist them to move towards empowerment and hope, the charity employs capoeira, an Afro-Brazilian art form that combines dance, music, sport and play. Social capoeira builds a sense of community and belonging and also teaches life skills such as communication, co-operation, anger management, responsibility and respect. It not only transforms the young but also provides them with a space to discuss their issues, such as anger and gender. In its six years of work, over 7,000 have benefited from its ‘dancing therapy’ in Syria alone.



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The charity Bidna Capoeira:


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