A survival message from Columbia’s ‘elder brothers of humanity’

Twenty-five years ago, one of the world’s last, lost tribes – the Kogi – emerged from their remote mountainous region in Columbia to share a warning about humanity’s future. In 2008 they surfaced again, this time with a powerful new message, captured in Aluna, a groundbreaking documentary film. The Kogi possess a wealth of indigenous knowledge, which we may need in our current battle for survival in a changing climate. Showing us the delicate interconnections in nature, they paint the blood and breath of a thinking, feeling Earth. They want to change the way we see our planet. The tribe, who identify themselves as the ‘elder brothers’ of humanity, have now returned to their mountain. If we, their ‘younger brothers’, want to grow up or indeed survive, we need to change the way we see the Earth – from a set of separate habitats to a complex of interdependent systems….


Original story: http://positivenews.org.uk/2013/culture/media/13816/they-show-thinking-feeling-earth/

Aluna, the movie: www.alunathemovie.com, www.facebook.com/alunamovie

Eradicating Ecocide campaign: www.eradicatingecocide.com

The Tairona Heritage Trust, www.taironatrust.org, a charity set up by Alan Ereira to help the Kogi community buy, and restore, land near their home


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