‘Pouring’ light onto the bottled-up lives of Manila’s poor

The empty plastic bottle, earlier thrown away as ‘waste,’ is now pouring light onto the bottled-up lives of the Manila’s poor. Their slums are often packed so tightly that they have no windows, forcing them to live in near darkness day and night. Now the ‘Solar Bottle Bulb’, a recycled plastic bottle containing bleached water that is fixed into holes in corrugated iron roofs, is illuminating their lives. Sold and installed for around $1, it provides 55-watts worth of light. It is cheaper, safer and more sustainable. The bottle bulb, inspired by engineer Amy Smith from the D-Lab in MIT, was introduced to the Philippines by Illac Diaz of My Shelter Foundation through the project ‘A Liter of Light.’ According to its website, the bulb has so far shed light to 28,000 homes and 70,000 lives in Metro Manila alone.


Original story: http://edition.cnn.com/2011/WORLD/asiapcf/08/30/eco.philippines.bottle/index.html?_s=PM:WORLD

‘A Liter of Light’ on My Shelter Foundation website http://aliteroflight.org/

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